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Dear Caroline Wilson...

  • Dear Caroline Wilson...

Dear Caroline Wilson

In light of your recent opinionated article in Saturday’s The Age, I would like to state a few comments and show some inaccuracies not only in what you have written, but also the lack of solid, credible sources, which you have alluded to very sparingly and “on-the-fly” but also the blatant contradictions in your article, written by yourself.

Firstly, where is your source of information in any of these musings? You have swept them under the rug of journalistic-isms that border on political answers.  You have used the words “reported” or “stated” but you have not clarified where these reports or statements have come from? The only people, THE ONLY people who believed that Simon Lethlean was a “sure-fire” person to take on the role of CEO, was, well yourself and other journalists who wanted nothing more than to fill a page in a newspaper, without any credible sources to back them up. It was all speculation and rumour-filled nonsense.

The only humiliation that has been seen in the public eye is Lethlean’s fall from the grace of the AFL and Gillon McLachlan. You cannot seriously lay blame on Carlton for any humiliation that Lethlean and his family feel given the circumstances of which he himself has placed on his family. 

For someone who is supposed to be a non-biased, educated and an award-winning journalist, you cannot assume that what you are writing about is based on anything but pure speculation and an assumption based on what you have read or "heard".  There is no-where in the article any statements from any parties that the role at Carlton was his, only speculation given by maybe Lethlean himself who, based on his sacking at AFL, has no real credibility.

Then you, in one article contradicted yourself and showed your true feelings towards Carlton.  You stated that “First Collingwood made an unofficial play for his services…”, then later you stated, “And after being rejected by Carlton, Lethlean was unlikely to be considered by Collingwood,” which is it? You touched on the fact that Eddie McGuire was “reined” in with regard to the selection of who would be the next CEO of Collingwood, Carlton NEVER once stated that Lethlean was to be the next CEO, that there was a due process in who should be selected, which they have done. Your blatant sarcastic comment regarding the Carlton sub-committee is for a seasoned journalist pretty poor. 

Then there is the issue of Steven Trigg’s “sacking”. Let’s get one thing perfectly straight here. The President of a club does not decide who gets sacked or fired alone, with regard to top-end positions in any part of a club. You should know this given your long history of reporting the AFL. Obviously, your clouded view of Carlton has overlooked this.  It is a Board decision to rid a club of its CEO, not a President alone. It is one that takes time, is talked about and discussed vigorously and it is not taken lightly.

You stated that “there is no doubt a significant number of qualified and credible candidates refused to present for the job in the belief it was Lethlean’s.” Where is your source? You don’t mention that anyone has stated this to you, you have made an assumption. How do you know that no-one else presented? How do you know what Carlton’s procedure was? Where is your source information? Where are your statements direct from those who were in that position?

Your article is full of assumptions, speculations and downright negativity towards a club that is re-building its list, its culture, and its re-start to rise to the top again.  Your blatant and obvious dislike for the club is profound and this article reeks of it.  Or was it just to fill a page in the off-season of AFL?

I used to respect what you had to say because in the past it was one based on knowledge, research and legitimate sources, not so anymore.  I have no issue at all with those in media and general footy loving commentators to be critical of a club or the way they handle certain issues, I just have an issue if it is one based on pure speculation, assumption and steeped in the biases of dislike towards a club; or one that is filled with the person's own self-importance. 

Carlton will prove you all wrong and they will do it in their own time, in their own way and block out the rubbish noise from those that seek to deride and disparage them, including you Caroline Wilson. But this is my view and opinion based on an article filled with non-confirmation of information and pure speculation.




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