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Saints' Carlisle back to face the music

  • Saints' Carlisle back to face the music

St Kilda boss Matt Finnis is furious with the AFL club's latest recruit but also keen to have a chat with Jake Carlisle's manager Anthony McConville.

Carlisle joined the Saints on Wednesday morning, while that night The Nine Network broadcast a grainy video of the former Essendon defender snorting white powder.

Nine claim they informed McConville of the clip's existence and content prior to the trade being completed.

There was no mention of the video in trade talks between McConville, Essendon and St Kilda.

"There's some uncertainty around who knew what and when," Finnis said.

"That's all something we have a strong interest in getting to the bottom of over time, but it's not our focus right now."

Finnis added that the club prided itself on being "open, transparent and honest in all our dealings".

"We would hope everyone who we deal with takes the same view," he said.

"There'll be further conversations in relation to that."

Finnis failed to single out McConville in that regard, but was full of praise for the Bombers.

"I've spoken with Essendon football club, who were on the front foot to their credit and got in touch with us," he said.

"I'm very comfortable that Essendon had no information that would have given them any cause for concern.

"Either about this particular episode or of any similar kind of behaviour in the past."

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