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St Kilda and Wellington part ways

  • St Kilda and Wellington part ways

St Kilda's short-lived AFL affair with Wellington for Anzac Day matches has come to an end after a failure to spark interest with the public in the NZ capital.

St Kilda and the Wellington City Council won't be renewing their three-year deal.

The club's chief executive Matt Finnis says it will continue to look at other New Zealand venues.

In April, Carlton beat St Kilda by 40 points in front of 12,125 fans, but that was down from 13,285 in 2014 and 22,546 in 2013.

The St Kilda Saints Wellington Fan Club Facebook page has attracted just 91 likes.

There were positives, however, the club said. In 2013, it signed NZ teenager Joe Baker-Thomas to an international rookie contract.

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